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Owen A. Grant: Please support proposition 1A

Owen A. Grant

As we approach Election Day in 2007, I would like to urge the voters of Moffat County to support proposition 1A, which makes additional funds available for the construction of a new hospital for Craig and Moffat County.

As a former member of The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, I am well aware of the many issues facing the hospital as it continues to operate out of aging facilities.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals has been very lenient with The Memorial Hospital for several years now, and at some point, if infrastructure upgrades are not complied with, the hospital could face losing its accreditation. Should this occur, recruiting qualified medical professionals would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The hospital is also unable to deliver efficient care in many instances due to the layout of the various departments. A new, well thought out facility, would eliminate this problem.

The people of Craig and the surrounding area deserve a modern hospital with up-to-date equipment. Such a facility would enhance the morale of not only the doctors and employees, but also that of the patients and their families.

Your support of proposition 1A is a positive step for the future of health care in Moffat County.

Owen A. Grant