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Over a Cup: Seafood chowder

Diane Prather

When I was a kid growing up on the ranch, we got together with relatives and neighbors on occasion, but I can’t remember if that happened on New Year’s Eve. I do remember that we didn’t usually entertain on New Year’s Day. I think Mom fixed a nice dinner. What I remember is that we often took down the Christmas tree that day. Since we always had a fresh-cut tree, it was sometimes getting dry by that time.

Then after we moved back to the Craig area we began hosting a family New Year’s Eve party, complete with a white elephant gift exchange. But not this year. In fact our New Year’s Eve was quiet. I made clam chowder, and we had cheese, sausage and crackers to go with it. Soup was just what we needed on such a cold night.

The recipe I followed was for “Seafood Chowder,” which can be made with various kinds of seafood, including minced lobster. The recipe came from my cookbook without a cover. I saw a clam chowder recipe recently (I can’t remember where now) that has celery in the ingredients, but the recipe I used last night didn’t call for it.

The holidays are over, and we’ll all be getting back to our schedules next week. Do you have recipes that you would like to share with readers? Remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you have recipes, call me at 970-824-8809 or write to me at P.O. Box 415, Craig 81626. Best wishes for a wonderful 2015.


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