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Over a Cup of Coffee: Preparing Thanksgiving leftovers

Diane Prather

This year's Thanksgiving dinner was like usual — having the family together and lots of food. Because of the weather, everyone got started home early. I put out some storage containers, and everyone dished up leftovers for their supper. Thank goodness they made a "dent" in what was left. Even so, Lyle and I ended up with a refrigerator full of food.

So, for fun I decided to spend this week's column making a list of ways to use Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

• If we took a poll, the favorite-of-all-leftovers would probably be a sandwich made from turkey and a leftover dinner roll. (It's mine.)

• I always use mashed potatoes to make potato salad so leftover potatoes is a great opportunity. Mix chopped hardboiled eggs, pickles, and a little onion in with the mashed potatoes and add Miracle Whip and seasoning to taste. Sprinkle the top of the salad with paprika.

• Make your favorite meat loaf, but top it with mashed potatoes before baking.

• Grind up leftover ham or turkey with hardboiled eggs and pickles. Mix with Miracle Whip and a little salt (to taste). Use it as a sandwich spread. If you don't have a grinder, chop the ingredients by hand.

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• Make a casserole of your own design by layering stuffing, turkey, and gravy. Top it with leftover mashed potatoes and put it in the oven until it's heated through.

• Slice some raw potatoes into the bottom of a casserole dish. Add a layer of leftover ham. Slice some more potatoes on top of the ham. Pour some cream of mushroom soup over the top (maybe diluted with a little milk). Cover with foil and bake at about 350 degrees until the potatoes are tender.

• Make an open-faced sandwich by placing warmed up sliced turkey on top of sandwich bread and covering it with warmed leftover gravy.

• Make a pasta salad. Cook up a little pasta. I like to use a couple different kinds. You can use spaghetti that you break into small pieces before boiling. Rinse and drain the pasta. Let cool.

Then add your choice of ingredients. (Amounts of pasta and other ingredients depend on the amount of salad you want to make.) Ingredients might include: cubed leftover turkey or ham; cut-up raw vegetables (left from the relish tray) such as celery, carrots, and tomatoes;

a little chopped onion and green bell pepper; some cooked vegetable like peas or broccoli; and seasoning.

Mix together with Ranch Dressing or Miracle Whip. Sprinkle the top of the salad with paprika. Note: I like hardboiled eggs in the salad, too.

Enjoy using your leftovers! If you have recipes for holiday goodies, please send them to me at Box 415, Craig 81626 or call me at 970-824-8809.