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Over a Cup of Coffee: Making a snowman cake

Diane Prather

Diane Prather

Kids like to help cook, and they like it even more when there are cookies, cupcakes or cakes to decorate. They have terrific ideas when it comes to decorating, too. So they're sure to enjoy making a Snowman Cake, maybe on one of the next few days when it's supposed to storm.

The Snowman Cake is a cut-up cake that you make from a 13×9-inch cake. The idea came from a flyer put out by General Foods Kitchens in 1957. (I've had the flyer a long time!)

It would be better if I had a drawing to show readers how to cut the cake, but here goes. If you have questions call me at 970-824-8809.

Supplies NeededSupplies Needed

Supplies Needed

• 13x9x2-inch rectangular cake pan

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• sharp knife

• toothpicks

• ruler

• flexible spatula for icing

• food coloring

• tray or platter for the cake

Recipe IngredientsRecipe Ingredients

Recipe Ingredients

• cake mix and ingredients to make the cake

• ready-made frosting (a spreadable kind)

• coconut

• candies for facial features and buttons

First, bake the cake. You can use your own cake recipe if you wish. Grease and flour the cake pan. Let the cake cool completely.

Turn the cake out on a flat surface. Measure down 3 ½ inches from one end of the cake. Then measure in from each side 2 ½ inches. You will cut out these two 2 ½ inch pieces to make the snowman's arms. What's left will be the snowman's head. Use toothpicks to mark the cutting path. When cutting use a sharp knife and use a sawing motion.

Transfer the snowman to the final tray or platter or even a piece of cardboard covered with foil.

Now attach the arms with a little frosting.

Cover the entire surface with white frosting. Use a frosting that's spreadable but not runny. You can purchase ready-made frosting or make it yourself. A "fluffy" frosting is good. Work quickly as you frost the cake so that it won't set up before you add the coconut. Kind of swirl the frosting on the snowman's head so it will have a rounded shape.

Next, cover the snowman with coconut.

Enlist the help of your kids in deciding how to make the snowman's eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. They might use black gumdrops and red licorice. The snowman needs a hat so perhaps it could be cut from card stock? This is the fun part.

Do you have recipes that you would like to share with readers — perhaps one of your favorite decorated cakes or cupcakes? If so, please call me at 970-824-8809 or write to me at PO Box 415, Craig 81626. The best time to call is evenings.