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Over A Cup: Kenny’s Soup

Diane Prather

There's nothing that our son Jamie and young adult grandchildren Kenny and Megan like to do more than cook dinner.

First, one of them cuts up potatoes and gets them cooking (I think probably frying). The other two check out the refrigerator to see what leftovers are available.

They probably check out the pantry, too.

Anyway, they mix everything together to make a delicious meal. I think they mostly enjoy the challenge of making a meal from what's on hand.

So awhile back, Kenny told me that he was going to give me a recipe—after he "tweaked" it a little more. When he was here a couple of week ago, he pulled the recipe out of his pocket.

The recipe is original. Kenny came up with it by experimenting with ingredients.

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He says that the recipe makes about 25 servings. Indeed, when I made the soup today, I cut the ingredients in half, but my soup pot was still full.

Kenny also told me that the ingredients can be varied for individual tastes. For example, instead of diced tomatoes a person might use diced tomatoes that are ready for chili. (That's what Kenny sometime uses.)

If you'd like to make "Kenny's Soup", you will need these ingredients for a BIG pot of soup: 1 pound bacon; 1 package sausage links; 2 pounds ground beef; 4 cans mushrooms; 4 packages brown gravy mix; 1 can cream of chicken soup; 1 soup can milk; 1 can corn; 2 cans diced tomatoes; 4 potatoes (peeled and diced); and a little vegetable oil.

Get out a big soup pot and a skillet. Cut the bacon and sausage links into bite-size pieces. Cook the bacon, sausage, and ground beef separately.

Save the grease. Add a little vegetable oil, if necessary, and cook the diced potatoes until they're done.

While the meats cook, make the gravy in the soup pot, following directions on the packages. Add the tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, cream of chicken soup and the soup can of milk.

Stir and simmer until the meats and potatoes are cooked.

Then dump them into the pot. Stir and season to taste.

According to Kenny, it takes about 30 minutes of cook time to make the soup. Kenny figured it costs about $15.00 to purchase the ingredients for the soup—if you didn't have them on hand.

This is a thick soup so add more water to the gravy if you want a thinner soup. I seasoned my soup with onion salt, regular salt and pepper.

The soup has a nice flavor and is filling.

Congratulations go to Kenny who knows how to cook and for not being afraid to experiment with ingredients!

Do you have a recipe that you'd like to share? Send it to me at P.O. Box 415, Craig, CO, 81626, or call me at 824-8809.

Copyright Diane Prather, 2012

Kenny’s Soup

• 1 pound bacon, cut into bite-size pieces

• 1 package sausage links, cut into bite-size pieces

• 2 pounds ground beef

• 4 cans mushrooms

• 4 packages brown gravy mix

• 1 can cream of chicken soup

• 1 soup can of milk

• 1 can corn

• 2 cans diced tomatoes

• 4 potatoes, peeled and diced

• A little vegetable oil

In a skillet, cook separately the bacon, sausage links, and ground beef. Save the grease and add a little vegetable oil. Cook the potatoes until tender. While the meats and potatoes cook, prepare the brown gravy mix in a large soup pot. Follow the directions on the gravy packages. Then add the mushrooms, cream of chicken soup, soup can of milk, corn, and tomatoes. Simmer this mixture while the meats and potatoes cook. Then dump them into the pot, too. Simmer until the soup is warm. The soup may be thickened by adding flour.

— Original recipe submitted by Kenny Prather of Bailey, Colorado