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Our View: Working toward economic progress

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Moffat County is doing an excellent job positioning itself toward moving forward with economic development.

The county recently hired an Ogden, Utah-based firm called Better City that’s working with various groups in the community to grow our tourism and increase our clout as a destination city.

Craig’s residents should continue to work with Better City and stand up for the progress that Moffat County is making.

At Thursday evening’s Local Marketing District Meeting, the CEO of Better City, Adam Hughes, said, “You guys are hand and shoulders above other communities.”

That’s something to be proud of, and we’re excited to see what’s next for our area.

It’s our hope that the community — including Moffat County Commissioners and Craig City Council — puts action behind recommendations we receive from Better City.

A number of things can be done to improve our county, making it attractive to newcomers and tourists.

Developing a rafting company for our city is vital for tourism. As it stands now, Vernal, Utah is getting all the rafting business. It would be amazing if we had one in Craig so we can tap that economic driver.

The Yampa and Green rivers have many splendors to offer.

Juniper Springs is another untapped gem in Moffat County. Imagine how awesome it would be if the hot springs were revamped and people could actually come to our county for a soak? If Juniper Springs can be brought up to date, if would benefit residents and tourists alike.

We also need to seriously consider building a community center with a pool. It would allow us to close the money pit of a pool at the high school. It would also give us more gym space so we can host big tournaments. Would it not be great if CNCC could incorporate it into it’s master plan and have it for the whole community?

Speaking of hosting more events, if we were able to spruce up our fairgrounds, we could host more rodeos and agriculture entertainment than we do currently. Has anyone thought of maybe painting the barn red and perhaps add a nice mural to the side of it? How cool would it look if we really spent time enhancing the aesthetics of the fairgrounds? It’s one of the first things people see when they enter our community from the east. Look at how Kremmling has changed it’s city to be more attractive.

As a matter of fact, all entries into Craig need a little love, especially the entry from the north.

The bottom line is there’s plenty of work that needs to be done and action needs to be taken. That’s why it’s exciting that we have Better City consulting Moffat County.

We also want to make sure the treasured areas in Moffat County are properly being marketed. When the head of the Colorado Tourism Office visited Craig last month, many phenomenal ideas were touted.

It’s our hope that Moffat County Tourism Association communicates all of our treasures to the Colorado Tourism Office. We have so many things to offer and the

Colorado Tourism Office can be a great asset to Moffat County.

We also have rivers, elk hunting and Dinosaur National Monument to name a few. Craig’s logo — Elk Hunting Capital of the World — is spot on, and we should continue highlighting that as our treasure trove.

We’re excited for what’s next and hope the community is too.

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