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Our view: ‘Tis the season

— Writer and humorist Dave Berry once made the following observation:

“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.”

The meaning of Christmas, err, we mean, Hanukkah, err : whatever you want to call it is always up for definition by each individual.

But there is one definition that we believe – and hope – encompasses them all: The holiday season is a time for caring.

Whether your time is being spent for religious purposes or buying presents, or doing both, it is a time when our hearts are geared toward others.

Most often, those “others” are family.

But the Editorial Board encourages you to look beyond your immediate family this holiday season.

While some of us may be enjoying a time of being together with loved ones, others are feeling isolated and lonely. While some of us may be giving and getting gifts, others may feel there is nothing to celebrate and no people to celebrate it with.

But that is the joy of the season. Helping.

Helping family and friends acquire what they desire.

Helping those we’ve never met.

Helping those who need help.

And it doesn’t take much to help.

Make a difference by doing small gestures such as dropping off spare change with the bell ringers at local stores. Or you can bring the bell ringers a warm drink. They are volunteering hours of their time to help out, so take a couple of minutes in a gesture of kindness and thanks.

You can donate items to the KRAI/55 Country Holiday Drive today and Thursday, and help a wide-ranging group of people, including seniors and children, those in need of food and shelter or those who simply need to know that someone cares.

Churches have various events happening, which people can attend or volunteer to help out at.

Or there is the simplest action of all: Slowing down and taking time to talk to others in what is, for many, a very rushed time of year.

Caring comes from connecting with others.

The weight of your words can give gravity to someone who might need help staying grounded this holiday season. Or your words can make someone’s day just that much brighter.

If you can bring a smile or light up someone’s day, that is what this holiday season (whatever you call it) is all about.

And from us to you, Happy Holidays.