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Our View: Time to give thanks

Moffat County residents have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

A recent story in The Denver Post told of how a Weld County farmer opened up his fields of vegetables to anyone willing to harvest them. He was expecting 5,000 to 12,000 people, the story said. Instead, nearly 40,000 came to gather potatoes, carrots and leeks.

That shows just how hard times are getting: Tens of thousands of people felt the need to travel out to a farm for a free box or two of vegetables.

To the Craig Daily Press Editorial Board, that sounds like something that would have happened in the 1930s; it’s not something that should be necessary in 2008. (However, we do applaud the farmer for allowing people to do this.)

We’ve heard so much lately about how bad our economy is doing. We’ve watched as bailout after bailout has been proposed for major national financial institutions, even entire industries. We’ve seen so many of our retirement plans sharply drop in value, due to the falling stock market.

In Steamboat Springs, many people who expected to have seasonal work in the tourism industry are not finding jobs as plentiful. Tourism often is one of the first expenses people forgo in hard times.

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We’ve taken some hits in tourism, too, in Moffat County, as some hunters aren’t spending as much as in previous years, or are downscaling plans or cutting trips short.

Now, the energy industry is planning to scale back expansion plans, affecting parts of Northwest Colorado.

We on the Editorial Board know times seem hard. But, we also know that times in Craig and Moffat County aren’t as hard as in many places – and for that we should be thankful.

We still are a family-oriented community that sticks together. People are working and shopping. They are buying homes and cars. There still is new construction happening here at the school district, The Memorial Hospital and the new Northwestern Community College Craig campus; new hotels are going up, and even a new residential subdivision is making progress.

Gas prices are way down – even in Craig – giving local folks a financial break right before the holidays.

We are lucky to live in Craig and Moffat County, where we are somewhat secluded, and have been able to miss out on so much of the global economic crunch.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks – for that and so much more – together.

There are so many people and entities – too many to list here – that make this community what it is; we must be thankful for them all.

And we should be thankful for the vegetables that will be on our plates Thursday and that we did not have to drive to a farmer’s field in Weld County to gather them.

For those who do need some help, we can show our gratitude by offering what we can to organizations such as Love INC, United Way of Moffat County, the Independent Life Center or any other group that helps those in need at the holidays.