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Our view: The perfect storm

Pres and Patti Askew saw a need.

Children needed something to do and a place to do it.

Pres and Patti Askew had the resources.

They had the finances, the time, the contacts and the perseverance to push them past the problems that can arise when trying to complete a project.

They gave what they had, and what the community got out of it was the Boys & Girls Club of Craig.

It was the perfect storm – people with the financial tools to make change, as well as the most valuable resource of all, the ability to truly care for other humans.

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Last Saturday, Pres and Patti were named the Man and Woman of the Year at the Boys & Girls Club annual fundraiser, Cowboy Christmas.

Rightly so.

They’ve done plenty during the Boys & Girls Club’s short stint in Craig to make the institution viable. They literally willed it to existence.

It takes people like this, efforts like this, to ensure positive community changes are followed through to completion.

It reminds us that good intentions mean little without action.

Who will continue the momentum at the Boys & Girls Club since Pres and Pattie no longer live in Craig (though their presence is still strongly felt)?

The obvious answer is the club’s board of directors, but where the real magic will come from is the people on the front lines, the people who combine good intentions with action.

Dana Duran, Craig’s Boys & Girls Club executive director, and her staff have come in, seen what is good, what needs to be improved and seem to be working hard at continuing to improve the club.

The editorial board believes the Boys & Girls Club is in good hands.

And as we look around the town, we can’t help but see other institutions also in good hands.

From Walt Vanatta at the Police Department to Bill Johnston as the fire chief, from Tim Jantz as the Sheriff to Gene Bilodeau at Colorado Northwestern Community College, we have more than strong leaders. We have people who are committed to the area.

They are, in short, people with good intentions who, we believe, will back those intentions up with actions because they are invested in Craig’s future.

And these are just a few of the names that can be rattled off that fit the model.

Which brings us back to Pres and Patti.

The editorial board thanks you for your efforts and contributions to the area.

But more so than anything else, thank you for reminding us how important the power to care is.

(Editor’s note: Bryce Jacobson, who is a board member of the Boys & Girls Club, did not participate in this editorial board discussion.)