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Our View: Serving Moffat County

Change is never easy.

Come Tuesday, Moffat County will say goodbye to four elected officials and welcome their replacements into important governmental roles.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz, Assessor Robert Razzano, Treasurer Elaine Sullivan and Commissioner Tom Mathers for their service.

Jantz's dedication to a very difficult job in law enforcement is admirable and commendable. His emotion in leaving his important role is evidence of how much he cares for Moffat County. He's a native of the area, and he's left big shoes for incoming Sheriff KC Hume.

From a journalistic standpoint, Jantz always got the Craig Daily Press news on deadline, was always available for a quote and never tried to cover up difficult topics. Thank you, Jantz.

Razzano has served as our assessor, keeping track of land and real estate records for the past four years. Before taking on the assessor role, he was county treasurer for eight years and also county appraiser for 12 years. Chuck Cobb will replace him. Razzano also understands newspaper deadlines and has been great in assisting the Daily Press in tracking down records. Razzano, we appreciate your dedication to serving as a public official in our county for so many years.

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Likewise for Sullivan, as she's served Moffat County since 1981. Wow. That's a noteworthy length of service. Thank you, Elaine, for always greeting constituents with a smile and being a good patron to our county, both inside and outside government walls. Linda Peters will become treasurer on Tuesday, and we wish her the best of luck.

Tom Mathers is leaving office after eight exciting years as Moffat County Commissioner. For those who read the Craig Daily Press religiously, you know that Mathers is probably one of the most colorful characters to read about, and the paper loves to quote his witty and jaw-dropping sound bites that he often blurts out at commissioner meetings. Not only that, but Mathers also has a deep commitment to Moffat County, and he's been a dedicated servant to our area.

Frank Moe will replace Mathers, and although Moe's humor might not be as tongue-in-cheek as his predecessor, we still look forward to watching him work for the people of Moffat County.

Change is on the horizon, and we hope that our newly elected officials will take the bull by the horns and work hard for Moffat County.

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