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Our View: Ready to recycle

— We have options.

Instead of allowing our solid waste to simply be trucked off to a landfill, we can dispose of our trash in ways that are better for the environment.

Granted, editorial board members come from all different shades of the spectrum on this issue.

Some of us are avid recyclers while others don’t recycle as much as we would like.

Still, all agreed that recycling is an important habit.

The board acknowledges that funding the recycling center isn’t an easy task for the city.

The city has estimated its solid waste budget, which includes the recycling program, will suffer a $60,075 deficit this year.

Granted, recycling isn’t the only expense dragging the budget down. However, the recycling program doesn’t generate revenue. Instead, it is a free service open to residents in Moffat County and surrounding areas.

Randy Call, Craig Road and Bridge and Refuse Department director, was unavailable Friday to verify how much the recycling program has cost the city so far this year.

Editorial board members had different opinions about what the city’s next move should be in regards to its recycling program.

Some favored an opt-in program requiring only those who use the recycling center to help pay for it. Others preferred a cover fee for all residents that would support recycling services.

And there were those who asserted that keeping the service free of charge is crucial because residents shouldn’t be financially penalized for choosing to recycle.

Finding other ways of funding the recycling program, such as bringing in a private company to take it over or requesting the county help fund it, was another choice the board considered.

Regardless, we believe all options should be on the table.

The board agrees that the city could do more to make recycling more user-friendly.

A pick-up recycling service, similar to one already in place for other solid waste, would make recycling easier, thereby encouraging more residents to do it.

As of today, residents must take their recycling to the center.

Also, we’d like to see recycling facilities emptied more. There have been times that several of us have dutifully stored our recyclable items, only to arrive at the center to find full bins that won’t hold another cardboard box, tin or plastic bottle.

Regardless of how the recycling program is funded or changed in the future, though, government officials shouldn’t be the only people charged with finding a solution.

Moffat County residents should teach their children to recycle – or, as the case may be, allowing their children to teach them how to get in the habit.

And there are other ways to reduce consumption. For example, purchasing energy-efficient lighting is one way to cut back on energy use, which indirectly would save other resources.

Showing an interest in recycling may prompt local government to move more quickly on funding a recycling program.

Regardless of how it’s done, choosing to recycle instead of simply disposing of our trash in a landfill is a choice we all can make.