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Our View: People and politics

Tuesday’s election brings editorial board members a sigh of relief, but also a bit of concern.

The sigh of relief comes from the successful passing of two ballot questions that will allow Moffat County to step into the future and have infrastructure place – in its education and health fields – that will help move the area toward a brighter future.

The Moffat County School District will receive an influx of money that will enable it to fix the infrastructure and safety problems at all school campuses in Craig.

During recent years, too many dollars were coming out of the district’s operations budget to repair or patch the ailments facing the buildings that our kids go to school in.

The Memorial Hospital has received a gift from the taxpayers. We all know the trials and tribulations that have faced the hospital during the past decade, but now with a new administration fully in place and a new hospital in the near future, they can be part of our future catalyst.

Moffat County will likely have the most up-to-date school district and hospital in Colorado in about two years. When we think about what makes us love Craig, it is the people, it is the friendly environment, and it is our lifestyle. We often times talk about how great it is here because of that, but we also bemoan about the lack of amenities.

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Now, we are on the cusp of having two of the amenities that we so desperately need, a fantastic school conducive to learning and a hospital that we have faith in.

Thank you Moffat County.

That said, there also is concern – voter turnout in Tuesday’s elections.

Less than 40 percent of registered voters decided fairly large tax questions, down 10 percent from the year before. This is unacceptable.

Voting is not only your right but your responsibility. It is the backbone of what makes us America.

We urge all governmental, nonprofit and individuals to form a committee to study this problem figure out what is happening.

We need not rely on the national pundits to fix this problem or suggest a solution; we need to fix it locally.

We believe we cannot wait a minute longer; the decline in the number of people who vote is not good for our community or the nation as a whole.