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Our View: Open meetings, doomed seasons

On Monday, representatives from various boards across Moffat County and the city of Craig attended an attorney forum to discuss Sunshine laws, or open meetings laws.

I would like to thank those who attended, as well as the attorneys who presented the information: city of Craig attorney Kenny Wohl, Moffat County attorney Kathleen Taylor and Colorado Press Association attorney Christopher Beall.

It was an insightful gathering, where the attorneys presented, discussed and answered questions about what open meetings laws are and why they are important, most notably to protect citizens.

One of the greatest insights to come from the meeting was this: From media to government, the interpretations of the law are closer than they are far apart.

The biggest point of the meeting was to get everyone on the same page.

It was a positive step in that direction, and I’ve heard almost everyone who attended the meeting say the same thing. When media and government understand each other’s functions and purpose, the ultimate winner is you, the citizen.

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Again, thanks to all who attended.

Actions speak louder

Someone who is probably not too fond of meetings with the media at this point is Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

After he did his best Obi-Won Kenobi impersonation, letting Houston Texans coach Gary “Darth Vader” Kubiak destroy the Broncos on Thursday night, the words may not have been said, but the actions spoke louder.

Kubiak: “When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.”

Not that Kubiak should be too proud of himself. Teams have been mastering the Broncos all season long.

Perhaps this statement is too strong. Perhaps it is wrong. Perhaps it is a perception problem.

Bronco fans have become so used to winning that a season without a playoff appearance is a disappointment. For others, after seeing how good the Broncos were in the late ’90s, everything since John Elway has been a disappointment.

Still, it could be worse. We could be Raiders fan, where in recent years, losing is an annual rite of passage.

Will the Broncos join the ranks of the Raiders and the 49ers in the losers circle? Maybe, but there is hope that the Broncos could be good next year if the following happens:

• Jay Cutler proves to be more than he has shown in college and the pros. What he has shown is he has a good arm and can put up nice statistics but can’t win consistently. To be fair to Cutler, it’s hard to judge his record because the Broncos have been hit by injury, and the defense has been horrible. Yet, there are signs of hope. He has shown poise and improvement. Now all he has to do is to show he knows how to win.

• Travis Henry needs to stop being an idiot. This could be tough. The mixture of Henry and Selvin Young is a nice one-two punch. Young would be fine by himself, but he could be injured by a snowflake. Henry, not unfamiliar with the injury report himself, needs to stay clear of trouble, and run like he has nine mouths depending on his future (because at least that many mouths do). If he can get past his troubled past, he could help run the Broncos back to a winning record. That is, of course, if he doesn’t father another batch of the Brady Bunch, and Shanahan starts looking at character instead of talent.

• Find a good middle linebacker. DJ Williams has improved, but the loss of Al Wilson has been the most significant issue the Broncos defense faced. Not only did he bring solid play, he brought leadership, not just to the defense, but to the whole team. Perhaps Williams will continue growing into that role, but the fact remains that this is the worst line-backing group the Broncos have fielded in years. Their defensive line hasn’t been much better.

• Get healthy. There still is talent on this team, and a good offseason could go a long way toward another trip to the postseason. And that is what Broncos football is all about.