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Our View: New Year’s resolutions

Editor’s Note: Allan Reishus did not participate in the forming the resolution for The Memorial Hospital because of a conflict of interest, and Bryce Jacobson did not participate in forming these resolutions because of a vacation.

Each new year brings new challenges and opportunities.

And while we do not know exactly what the future holds, we can use our previous years to set goals and plan how to make the coming year better.

One of the ways we do this is by making New Year’s resolutions and then trying to fulfill them.

The Craig Daily Press Editorial Board has come up with some possible resolutions for local government entities, businesses and residents.

Keep it clean, neat

First, a resolution for Craig and Moffat County residents, which includes the Editorial Board members: Help keep our city and county clean.

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Local businesses and the Craig Beautification Committee have done a nice job in 2008 of updating buildings and tackling projects to make the city more attractive. But, that cannot be the only progress on this goal. A neat, visually pleasing city and county aid in promoting tourism, retaining residents and fostering stable growth and happy neighborhoods.

Really basic things we all can do include not littering, removing or hiding eyesores along major traffic routes and general maintenance on yards and buildings.

Customer service

Our second resolution is for businesses, including the Craig Daily Press: Remember how important customer service is to success.

Many local businesses have worked in 2008 to boost up customer service, but there always is room for improvement in this area.

We urge everyone to keep moving forward in delivering excellent customer service, no matter the business or industry. When we do, we all win.

County should listen

A resolution for the Moffat County Commission is to continue in the tradition of late Commissioner Saed Tayyara and listen to the needs and desires of residents.

At the same time, we urge the county citizenry to voice their wishes by attending meetings as possible or contacting elected officials with their thoughts.

We wonder if the commission could hold some meetings or workshops at night to allow greater participation, or if employers can find ways to be flexible in allowing employees to take time off Tuesday mornings to attend a commission meeting. We recognize potential hardships in both of these proposals, but we hope for discussion on both sides – government and business – on how to promote greater participation.

Another possibility might be a joint meeting between the County Commission and the Craig City Council for strategic planning and finding common ground on projects and issues.

City Council, law

For the Craig City Council, we like where things are going, and our resolution is for Craig to continue on the path set in 2008.

We feel the same about area law enforcement, including the Craig Police Department, Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, the All Crimes Enforcement Team and Craig Fire/Rescue. Our city and county are safer and because of your work. Keep at it, and continue letting the public know about what is happening – including new and solved crimes and safety risks.

The Memorial Hospital

As The Memorial Hospital moves forward on construction of a new, taxpayer-supported hospital, residents crave transparency in processes and expenses.

Part of this is bolstering communication with the public, which includes remembering customer service skills and letting people know what’s going on at the hospital. Medical staff is just as human as we are, and sometimes mistakes are made or days get rough. The goal for the hospital, though, needs to be making sure mistakes or bad days do not turn into unsatisfied patients or families.

This resolution is not just for the hospital, though. It also is for people who receive treatment and care at TMH. If you are confused about care, billing or other aspects of a visit to TMH, make sure to ask questions. Also, taking the time to thank a doctor or nurse for a job well done is just as important as reporting a problem to the staff or to the public.

School changes

An important resolution for the Moffat County School District in 2009 is to help students, parents, teachers and administrators make a smooth transition in the midst of major change.

One of the ways of making this work is through providing as much information about the process as possible, and tackling concerns from all stakeholders quickly, but thoroughly.

New schools with different grade levels will mean some pretty big, district-wide changes, and we urge everyone to have patience and help make the process a good experience.

We are hopeful that parents will get involved with the methods the School District already offers for giving input and feedback on changes, such as Parent Accountability Committee meetings, Moffat County School Board meetings or contacting the superintendent.

Change can be stressful and hard as it’s happening, but these school changes needs to be successful for 2009 and many years to come.

On wildlife

A resolution for the Colorado Division of Wildlife is to attack issues head-on when first brought up by area farmers, ranchers and hunters. Better data on herd numbers and flexibility with changing circumstances needs to be a part of this, too. Stronger communication of policies, procedures and reasons for both will make for a better relationship between all involved parties.

For the ranchers and farmers, our resolution is to put forth the effort to work with the DOW and hunters and share in the bounty of our land and wildlife. Communication is the most important part of making this happen.

Conserving energy

Gas prices may have dropped significantly, but that does not mean that we should abandon what we were doing to cut back on consumption when energy costs were at their peak.

Our resolution is for continued energy-use conservation and promotion of “green” policies, where practical, such as recycling, carpooling and taking advantage of mass transit opportunities when available.

Remember neighbors

While we continue to promote shopping local and its benefits, we also want to promote a resolutions to remember our neighbors across county and state lines, including Hayden to the east, Baggs, Wyo., to the north, Vernal, Utah, to the west and Meeker and Rangely to the south. We are all dependent on each other in some way, and remembering that can help keep our whole region strong and united.

Happy New Year, Craig and Moffat County!