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Our View: Local firefighters, law officials deserve praise

Tuesday's wildland fire on the east side of Craig moved at rapid speeds, threatening three homes and burning roughly 90 acres.

If it weren't for Craig/Fire Rescue, Moffat County Sheriff's Office, the Bureau of Land Management and pilot Blaine Tucker, three families would be displaced.

Luckily, Moffat County has stellar firefighters who communicate well with each other and are phenomenal at their jobs.

We'd like to thank our firefighters for their hard work and dedication to saving homes and extinguishing fires.

Additionally, we'd like to highlight that Craig Fire/Rescue team members leave their full-time jobs and families, dropping everything to fight the fire.

It takes brave individuals to put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community, and we have huge respect and accolades for those who spent endless hours Tuesday fighting dangerous blazes.

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Blaine Tucker helped firefighters on the ground, by dropping nearly 2,400 gallons of water on the fire that was minutes away from swallowing homes.

If it weren't for his excellent aviation skills and bravery, we're not sure how things would have turned out.

Thank you Blaine, sheriff’s deputies, BLM officials and Craig/Fire Rescue for your hard work. You are appreciated, and we're happy to give you public praise in the newspaper.

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