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Our View: Let’s support our economy, elected officials

Editorial board:

Renee Campbell, newspaper representative

Noelle Leavitt Riley, newspaper representative

Gary Cole, newspaper representative

Shirley Balleck, community member (absent)

Gail Severson, community member

Those who work, live and play in Moffat County show a great deal of love and admiration for our area.

We feel that in order to continue such affection for our town we must all join together and help our economic future thrive.

Let’s not be discouraging to our city and county officials. Let’s support them in efforts to better Craig and Moffat County.

It’s clear that both the city and county are under financial pressure and don’t have vaults full of gold to swim through. The vaults are empty. The county is anticipating a $1.1 million decrease in property tax this year.

The city continues to dip into its reserves to stay out of the red.

Our elected officials need our support. They’re doing exactly what they should do — try to grow our viability. Perhaps if there’s not enough money to take care of Loudy-Simpson, we should volunteer our services to help beautify our prized park.

And it’s not all doom and gloom, folks. The Craig Daily Press printed an article this week about how two major businesses are expanding — Victory Motors and Craig Powersports. Those businesses wouldn’t put in the extra money to expand if they weren’t doing well.

We must remember that many of our triumphs are going to come from self-fulfilling prophecies.

If we are combative about economic development and projecting that it won’t happen or work, then guess what — it won’t happen and it won’t work.

If we gather together and believe that our community can grow — it will!

Look at all the positive construction happening on the east end of Craig with the new Kum & Go.

Let’s shift our view and embrace positive change. Let’s give more credit to what the city and county accomplish rather than bashing what they don’t.

For example, our city and county roads are well-maintained. You’d be hard-pressed to drive our county roads in the dead of winter to find that they’re not plowed before 6 a.m.

Our road and bridge departments are amazing. Kids get to school on time, even in blizzard conditions.

We have amazing people doing miraculous things for Craig and Moffat County. Let’s tip our hats to them and step up to help grow our economy.

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