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Our view: Keep it clean

On Monday, Moffat County Commissioner Saed Tayyara showed off a small lapel pin he had made that symbolizes the new spirit of cooperation between the city and Moffat County.

It shows two hands grasped in a handshake, each representing the city and the county. On Tuesday, commissioners took a first step toward establishing good relations with the city by voting not to charge the city to dispose of the tires it collects during Clean-Up Craig Days.

We commend the county for the decision, not just for the gesture of goodwill but because it will help beautify Craig.

This is an ugly time of year for Craig. At the height of winter, the snows can hide a lot of eyesores. In the summer, things will green up, and the trees will be leafy and create a lovely canopy over the city. Now, everything is just dusty, dull and brown, and the melting snows have exposed litter that accumulated during the winter.

Plus it’s the windy season, so trash gets blown everywhere. Even if you’re the meticulous type who makes a point to pick up a discarded soda can out of the gutter, you can end up with your neighbor’s trash in your fence.

It’s the perfect time to pitch in and help Craig be a reflection of the fine people who live here.

Some service groups will begin their annual highway cleanup campaigns. We hope they can inspire ordinary residents to join in the effort to be prideful of our community.

Lately, we’ve seen various groups get behind an initiative to create more tourism opportunities in Northwest Colorado. The effort is geared toward “cultural tourism” which attempts to lure people to visit our town based on our Western heritage, rural roots and friendly people.

But, like it or not, the way our town looks plays a huge part in how outsiders view us.

All the friendly people can’t make up for a place that’s unkempt.

We urge people to take advantage of the city’s and county’s offer to get junk off of their properties. We hope residents will go a step further and pull out a trash bag and clear empty lots and entire blocks of trash lining streets and sidewalks.

And if you see an accumulation of newspapers somewhere, let us know and we’ll come pick them up.

Wouldn’t it be great for visitors passing through to leave with a good impression of the people who live here?

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