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Our view: It’s Christmas time in Craig

Once again, our streets, lawns and rooftops are covered in white. Yet, if you are driving down the streets of Craig after the sun has set, that white may take on a green, red, blue or golden tint, the snow glistening from the twinkling of Christmas lights.

Old Man Winter definitely has settled in Craig again for the long haul, but on Christmas, many people will not be thinking about shoveling snow, or bitter cold weather.

Instead, on their minds will be the holiday celebrated by young and old – Christmas – and all that comes with it.

Christmas 2008 finds people in Craig and across the country leading busier lives than ever.

The Craig Daily Press Editorial Board wants us all to take a little time for ourselves to enjoy what the holiday means to us.

For many people, Christmas has a special religious meaning – the birth of a savior. Churches will hold special services, people will remember the joy of Christmas, and the presents under the tree or delivered by Santa will seem not quite as important as hearing about that little baby in a manger.

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We know that not everyone sees Christmas in this light, and that for some it is just another day on a calendar, albeit a legal holiday and a day off from work, or a chance for extra time-and-a-half pay.

A great many people will celebrate Christmas in traditional ways. However, the days leading up to a major holiday can be stressful, what with last-minute gift shopping, travel, baking, decorating, hosting family, gift-wrapping and all the traditional trappings. Remember to carve out a few minutes to stop and reflect on all that is around you, all that makes the stress and work leading up to the holidays worthwhile.

We know that there is always a last-minute need for something on the holiday or right before it – a forgotten can of cranberry sauce, an unusual type of batteries, another roll of Scotch tape. The people who help us fill those needs by manning a cashier’s station make our lives, and our holiday, brighter.

For everyone who works on Christmas, first we thank you for sacrificing that time for necessary services and for providing for your family; and second, we hope that you are able to celebrate and relax as you wish on a different day.

For those of us who are away from family and loved ones, the holidays may bring a different type of stress – loneliness, homesickness, etc. We urge anyone who is experiencing these issues to find a family to “adopt.” Craig is full of wonderful people, who are very willing to make room for an extra person, especially at the holidays.

If that’s not for you, then we recommend just a day of relaxation. We understand how many people get sick of having sentimentality force-fed to them at this time year, that sometimes it is nice to be away from people.

This Christmas, whether celebrated on the day itself or one of the surrounding days because of work, and whether remembered for a religious or secular reason, we hope that we are able to enjoy the people around us and to stop and relax a little.