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Our View: Hold the administration accountable

Congratulations to the new Moffat County Board of Education members.

The potential changes that come with new board members is exciting for our community. It's equally exciting that there was so much involvement in the school board election and that a large number of people turned out to vote and participate in forming a new school board.

Seeing candidates' campaigns and listening to what they stand for added to the public's eagerness to see change on the school board and with the district's administration.

That said, being a school board member is a lot of work. We hope the new board takes time to understand what the previous board did, and why. It's no secret that the community is yearning to see what changes the new board will make.

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a school board member is to keep the administration accountable, honest and transparent. Candor is important when dealing with the school district's budget, among many other things.

Moving forward, we ask new school board members to think more aggressively about how to mitigate increasing health insurance costs in the years to come. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions. Hold the administration's feet to the fire. We have lost far too many teachers in the past year, and parents are constantly questioning if the district is doing what's best for their kids.

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A well-functioning and inquisitive school board is vital to our community. A well-functioning education system is vital to our children's future, and is also attractive to potential newcomers.

Keep asking the administration, teachers and parents challenging questions. The community is putting

its faith in you to fix what many see as a broken school district. We need a change and we're looking to you for that change.

No longer should the community accept a thumbs-up and big smile from administrators. We need to see talk put into action.

Additionally, don't let expenses — big or small — slip through the cracks. The district needs to evaluate how to decrease its expenses.

We have faith in you. Thank you for your service.

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