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Our View: Help college, help community

Colorado Northwestern Community College is one month into the private phase of its campaign to raise money to complete system-wide projects at its campuses in Craig and Rangely, as well as its satellite campuses.

The Daily Press Editorial Board met with CNCC President John Boyd and fundraising campaign co-chair Marianna Raftopoulos on Monday, and they outlined the campaign, how it works in phases, who is being targeted and why the college needs more money.

With this campaign, Boyd said, the college ultimately is seeking $8.3 million from the private sector to supplement the money coming from the public sector, which includes grants and bonds. Of that, $4 million will be used for the Craig campus, including $3 million for a career and technical building.

The campaign is happening in phases. The first phase targeted internal sources, such as employees, board members and residents involved with the college, for donations. That phase already happened, and now the campaign is moving into the second phase, which targets businesses, such as energy companies. The third phase, which will happen this spring will be about garnering donations from individuals and community groups and organizations.

We see promise in this campaign – the promise of fully recognized plans for CNCC in Craig, as well as Rangely and the satellite campuses.

Boyd told the editorial board members that all of the plans for the new Craig campus buildings and improvements were created after a private company performed a study investigating what the community and businesses wanted from the college. One of the things people and businesses listed as a priority were career and technical programs, which need a building in which to operate. Thus, the college planned to build a career and technical building in Craig.

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However, much of the money for that building will need to be raised from private sources because much of the public money the college is receiving is marked specifically for the new academic building.

We recognize the need for these programs in Craig, and we are hopeful that the companies that will benefit from them will help out with the campaign however they can.

Then, come this spring, we encourage anyone who has a passion for any of the programs at CNCC to help out in whatever way they can.

We know that the economy makes it hard to find extra money for anything, let alone donations to a college that already receives public money.

However, this campaign is not another tax or another mill levy. It’s a chance to make voluntary donations to a cause you feel strongly about, to get involved in helping strengthen the higher education opportunities available right here in Craig.

College officials are more than willing to explain what is needed and how we can help. If you think this is something you might be interested in helping with but have questions, call CNCC.

Anything we can do – large or small – to support the new CNCC campus in Craig will benefit our community for many, many years to come.

(Editor’s Note: Board member Bridget Manley, who reports on CNCC for the Daily Press, did not participate in forming our opinion.)