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Our View: Credit where credit is due

When Moffat County taxpayers voted last November to funnel public money into two major infrastructure and construction projects, we were excited to see the foresight involved in this decision.

Voters approved the Moffat County School District’s $29.5 million bond issue, which is funding improvements to local schools, and The Memorial Hospital’s 3-mill, $42.6 million new construction measure.

Then in May, Colorado Northwestern Community College received millions of dollars in state money, which paved the way for the new campus and residence hall west of Craig adjacent to the new TMH location. (The CNCC money was not specifically approved by local taxpayers, but it is coming from the state, and is public money.)

At the Craig Rural Fire Protection District, two new fire engines have been added to the station thanks to a 2006 mill levy vote, and more changes are on the way. An open house is planned from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 2 at the fire station for the public to see the new engines and changes and to enjoy a hot dog or burger with firefighters.

All of these entities are well on their way toward stronger, improved facilities and the tools they need to serve the public and make life better for students, teachers, professors doctors, nurses, patients, firefighters and everyone they come into contact with.

Although it seems we’ve been waiting around – some of us patiently and some not-so-patiently – for tangible proof that the money we voted to invest was being spent wisely, we’re definitely starting to see the results take shape.

Changes at Craig Middle School are obvious, as walls came down, and now walls are going up. After various delays, construction has begun at CNCC and TMH. Craig Fire/Rescue has two of three new engines it will get this year.

These are looking more and more like sound investments, and for that we are pleased.

However, we do want to see this progress continue and any future delays be kept to a minimum and dealt with swiftly and openly.

We also hope that the new buildings are not just a cosmetic change. The new facilities for TMH and CNCC must bring improved quality of patient care, hospital staff morale and college academics and campus life.

These are long-term investments, and it is essential that every effort is made to follow through with the promises made to taxpayers, customers, patients, parents, students and homeowners. We’re counting on it.

Good showing at Colorado State Fair

We want to congratulate all of the Moffat County participants in the Colorado State Fair. Our county had a very good showing at the fair, and we want to recognize all of the hard work and effort that it takes to not only do well with a project at the Moffat County Fair, but to then take that project to the State Fair several hundred miles away.

It was a huge time commitment, but it also was a valuable, educational experience for these youths who competed at the state level with their livestock and general category projects.