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Our View: An LMD plan is needed ASAP

On Election Day, the Local Marketing District measure passed with 51.9 percent of voters agreeing to increase the county's lodging tax by 4 percent.

The tax increase will bring an additional $275,000 of funds into Moffat County for marketing and promoting the county. To be clear, that money — by law — has to be used for such purposes, according to the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Moffat County voters surprisingly passed the measure with very little information.

Now that the LMD passed, what's next? According to those who pushed for the LMD to appear on the ballot, a board needs to be formed. Supposedly, the board will consist of members from Moffat County, the city of Craig and the town of Dinosaur.

Those who voted for the LMD have a right to know how the board is going to be formed, who is forming the board and when and how the board will operate.

We hope the board is quickly formed so the community can see start understanding the blueprint for LMD funds. The county will start collecting the extra tax in January, and we want to know in advance how it will be spent.

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Hoteliers who start collecting the extra tax also have a right to know.

We believe a plan should be drafted immediately. The LMD passed without a plan, and voters deserve to know. According to the Moffat County Commissioners’ agenda for next week, Commissioner Frank Moe will present the board with a proposed operating plan.

It's vitally important to be transparent and inclusive about the process, especially from those who pushed to get the LMD on the ballot.

The city and county need to have community meetings to keep residents abreast of what's next. The LMD board needs the community's feedback to make this an all-inclusive process. Anything less is unacceptable.

The commissioners, city council and the town of Dinosaur should meet as a big group — which would be deemed an open meeting — and make a plan before January. They then should call a community meeting to outline LMD goal for Moffat County residents.

As leaders, you need to lead and be open about what you're discussing.

Bottom line, there needs to be more information on who is in charge of this money.

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