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Our View: Addiction facility is a good idea

Mental health and drug dependency are extremely difficult hardships to tackle without help, and the lack of addiction and health facilities in Northwest Colorado make it difficult to assist those with such problems.

However, a new proposal to build a 12-bed addiction facility near Steamboat will go before Routt County Commissioners soon, and we applaud the effort to bring that amenity to this corner of the state. The facility could open up in May.

Without help for depression and drug addiction, members of the society are left alone to deal with their problems, which can result in dependency issues, poverty and sometimes suicide.

Northwest Colorado desperately needs a place where people can go and get professional assistance with issues, and although the facility won't be built in Craig, we feel that having one in our neighboring county is extremely positive.

Currently, those who seek help have to go to Grand Junction, Denver or Pueblo, making it burdensome to get the proper help needed.

It's no secret that Craig has limited resources for those who need support for drug addiction and mental health issues. Sure we have wonderful nonprofits — Mind Springs, Advocates, Love INC, to name a few — that assist people in need, but it doesn't solve the problem.

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The new facility is slated to have 12 beds initially, with the hopes to jump to 24 beds. Although the number of beds is low in our opinion, we still embrace the effort to open a location for those in need.

Therefore, we hope that the Routt County Commissioners will approve the facility. We believe that it will boost efforts to help fight a very serious mental health population that may have nowhere to go.

According to the report recently published in the Craig Daily Press and the Steamboat Today, the addiction rehab facility will have outdoor recreation opportunities for patients, too.

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