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Our View: A pragmatic education

— Moffat County is in, as it is called, the good times.

The economy is on an upward swing.

While the rest of the country’s housing market is on a downward trend, our area’s market is staying strong.

And the infrastructure is being put in place for a bright future.

But we cannot get too far ahead of ourselves.

Not in Craig, and not in Moffat County.

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History tells us this is also an area that has had bad times.

An area that has been crippled by a poor economy.

Had houses well under the state’s market value.

And overcoming those two issues, if they should arise in the future, is why the infrastructure is so important.

Improvements to the schools and the new hospital are great additions, but the editorial board would like to take this moment to applaud another entity for its efforts toward a prosperous tomorrow – Colorado Northwestern Community College.

The editorial believes the school’s foresight is phenomenal.

The school continues to bring relevant online courses here.

The college’s nursing program is one of the area’s best and provides more than a theoretical practice of the profession.

Students get hands-on experience because of the school’s willingness to work with other industries, such as working with the hospital.

And provides the same pragmatic, hands-on experience for students with its work with the energy industry.

In short, CNCC is providing students with an education, businesses with employees and keeping our best natural resource here – our community.

The school is the perfect example of what can happen when an organization seeks to work with the community to make the area better.

And the school is only seeking to get bigger and better. Hope is on the horizon for a new college campus.

More so than any other institution, having a viable college in town will help sustain Craig’s future. It gives our students a tangible goal, an option to stay home for an education, and a future beyond getting a high school degree.

Practical and tangible with the ability to work with others for the greater community good – that is exactly what our future needs.