Open Letter to person who removed anti-war bumper sticker from car |

Open Letter to person who removed anti-war bumper sticker from car

To the Editor:

Your act of vandalism has prompted me to sit down and think about my political position. I have also considered your position.

In Iraq, the public or private expression of any opinion against the dominant political power would result in immediate and unpleasant action by that power. Citizens do not speak against Saddam Hussein even with their own family members for fear of deadly reprisal. In America, however, citizens do have the right to free speech. I pay my taxes. I vote in all elections, including primary and local elections. I have served as an AMERICORPS volunteer to fight domestic poverty. I support the growth and development of the nation of America, and take advantage of my rights as a citizen.

You, however, have chosen to commit an act of gross vandalism on my personal property and to attempt to violate my rights to free speech as an individual. Based on your blatant contempt for the laws and principles of America, I can only conclude that you are anti-American. Therefore, I hereby nominate you, whoever you may be, for full Iraqi citizenship with all the privileges and responsibilities that such citizenship requires. Have a nice trip.

The bumper sticker will be replaced, and should you or anyone else feel the need to remove it again, please reconsider before you commit another act of cowardly vandalism. Wait for me by my car, and I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about what supporting America really means.

Karen Bowen,


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