Open for Business: Thank you for your work |

Open for Business: Thank you for your work

Craig Press Staff

Business can mean many different things, depending on who you ask for the definition.

Some may think strictly of hours of backbreaking manual labor, while others promptly envision an office environment with briefcases and plentiful paperwork.

Retail and sales sealed with a smile and a handshake between a vendor and a satisfied customer is another possibility.

There’s a little bit of all of these types of business and more within Moffat County, some of which that have been part of the Craig landscape for decades and others that are just establishing a foothold and a customer base.

For our second annual “Open for Business” special section, the Craig Press has highlighted a cross-section of area companies that have made a name for themselves locally, regionally or even across multiple states in their efforts to provide goods and services for a wide array of clients.

With some help from Museum of Northwest Colorado’s vast archive of area photos, we also take a look back to some of the businesses of yesteryear and reflect on what has — or hasn’t — changed in Craig.

For that matter, there’s a long list of businesses that have stood the test of time within this community, many spanning multiple generations in an ongoing mission to make life easier in one way or another for the area and its populace.

Though it’s quite a task to honor them all — much less the full list of businesses that call Craig home — thank you for all you do to contribute to our daily lives.

Whether it’s selling a set of wheels, picking up a paintbrush or furnishing homes with new goods, you keep making an impact.