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On the Record for Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012

Moffat County Sheriff’s Office

Monday, Nov. 19

Deputies responded to a threat report.

Deputies responded to two traffic complaints.

Deputies performed a transport.

Deputies responded to a complaint.

Deputies responded to four requests to assist another agency.

Deputies responded to two injured animals.

Deputies responded to two animal complaints.

Deputies performed four traffic complaints.

Deputies inspected a vehicle.

Deputies responded to an alarm.

Deputies performed one follow-up investigations.

Deputies performed two security check.

Deputies responded to suspicious person.

Deputies responded to an unknown problem.

Craig Police Department

Tuesday, Nov. 20

Officers performed six follow-up investigations.

Officers responded to three requests to assist another agency.

Officers performed six security checks.

Offices performed community policing once.

Officers responded to a drug violation.

Officers responded to a complaint.

Officers performed four traffic stops.

Officers responded to child abuse.

Officers responded to three suspicious persons.

Officers performed code enforcement twice.