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On The Record for Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

Moffat County Jail

Monday, Nov. 6

Geoffrey Ward Mansfiel, 39, of Craig, was booked into Moffat County Jail on suspicion of menacing assault – non family, harassment, domestic violence, second degree criminal tampering, driving under influence, obstructing a peace officer, violation of a restraining order, drove vehicle while license under restraint and menacing assault- non family.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Jacob Rory Kainz, 26, of Craig, was booked into Moffat County Jail on suspicion of driving vehicle license revoked habitual traffic, compulsory insurance, obedience to official traffic control devices and displayed expired number plates.

Moffat County Sheriff’s Office

Monday, Nov. 5

Deputies responded to a request to three requests to assist another agency.

Deputies performed two security checks.

Deputies performed community policing once.

Deputies performed eight follow-up investigations.

Deputies responded to a trespass.

Deputies responded to a civil problem.

Deputies performed code enforcement once.

Deputies responded to a stolen vehicle.

Deputies performed two traffic stops.

Craig Police Department

Monday, Nov. 5

Officers performed seventeen traffic stops.

Officers responded to an open door.

Officers performed nine follow up investigations.

Officers performed community policing twice.

Officers performed code enforcement once.

Officers responded to property found.

Officers responded to five animal complaints.

Officers responded to lost property.

Officers performed one security check.

Officers responded to a parking complaint.

Officers responded to a request to assist another agency.

Officers responded to two civil problem.

Officers responded to property damage.

Officers responded to two harassment calls.

Officers responded to an information call.


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