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On the Record for July 11, 2012

Moffat County Jail

Tuesday, July 10

Ismael Eliazer Garcia-Franco, 49, of Craig, was booked into Moffat County Jail on a warrant.

Moffat County Sheriff’s Office

Tuesday, July 10

Deputies performed three traffic stops.

Deputies performed three follow-up investigations.

Deputies performed a transport.

Deputies inspected a vehicle.

Deputies served a warrant.

Deputies responded to an animal complaint.

Deputies responded to a request to assist a resident.

Deputies responded to a request to assist another agency.

Deputies performed a smoke investigation.

Deputies performed community policing.

Deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle.

Deputies responded to a theft.

Deputies responded to 12 structure fires.

Deputies responded to a suspicious person.

Craig Police Department

Tuesday, July 10

Officers responded to seven animal complaints.

Officers performed a security check.

Officers performed nine traffic stops.

Officers responded to domestic violence.

Officers responded to a hit-and-run collision.

Officers responded to five suspicious persons.

Officers responded to a warrant.

Officers performed 10 follow-up investigations.

Officers responded to a fraud.

Officers performed code enforcement seven times.

Officers responded to two thefts.

Officers responded twice to property damage.

Officers performed two welfare checks.

Officers responded to three requests to assist another agency.

Officers responded to four civil problems.

Officers inspected three vehicles.

Officers responded to a threat report.

Officers responded to a request to assist a motorist.

Officers responded to an injured animal.

Officers responded to a request to assist a resident.

Officers responded to three complaints.

Officers responded to a drunken pedestrian.

Officers responded to a noise complaint.

Officers responded to a disturbance in progress.

Craig Fire/Rescue

Tuesday, July 10

Firefighters responded to a wildfire.

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