Officers elected, committee formed, homework assigned as Moffat County Local Marketing District Board reboots |

Officers elected, committee formed, homework assigned as Moffat County Local Marketing District Board reboots

The new Moffat County Local Marketing District board elects officers to lead in 2018.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — Leadership roles, opportunities for board training and homework were identified during the first meeting of the new Moffat County Local Marketing District Board.

Businessman Luke Tucker was elected chair of the board, and banker Chris Jones will serve as vice chair.

The board had the option to appoint both a secretary and a treasurer. Moffat County Finance Director Mindy Curtis performs many of the functions of treasurer, so the board decided one person would be able to tackle a combined role, and hotelier Tammy Thompson-Booker was elected to serve as secretary/treasurer.

During discussions of the operating plan, board members noted important decisions the group should make as they move forward.

“Are we going to take over and do everything, or are we going to let the Chamber of Commerce, Moffat County Tourism Association, Craig Economic Development Partnership do their things?” asked board member Randy Looper.

Many board members expressed a desire to avoid duplication of effort, but there was some reluctance to become a pass-through organization.

“We need to be careful not to get mired down, as we’ve done as a community in the past,” Jones said.

With the LMD set to sunset in 2025, Jones expressed a sense of urgency and voiced concern that small grants to many organizations might not result in sizable change.

“We need to maximize what we use. I don’t want to get to the point where we nickel and dime the small projects and ignore the big ones,” he said.

Before determining a funding approach, board members identified a need for additional information about the budget, previous grants and financial obligations.

Jones and board member Michael Morriss were tasked with convening a finance committee to review the books.

The board also intends to invite Curtis to a meeting to answer specific budget questions.

Each board member was asked to carefully review the operating plan and look into the plans of other Colorado communities in terms of local marketing districts.

“The plan is a good roadmap, but I think we need to consider some change, based on how we think we will work with other groups,” Tucker said.

The group also needs additional information about the status of its bylaws and intends to seek legal advice from city and county attorneys. It will invite the attorneys to attend an upcoming meeting.

Additional opportunities for training were identified, including board management training and training on statutes, such as the Colorado Open Record Act and Sunshine Law, governing the conduct of public boards.

Finally, the board adjusted its meeting times. Regular meetings will be held at 4 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of the month at a location to be determined. Quarterly, the board will meet in the town of Dinosaur at a place and time to be determined.

“That (meeting in Dinosaur) gives us a chance to go over there and hear what people have to say,” Thompson-Booker said.

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