Officers commended for catching criminals |

Officers commended for catching criminals

Christina M. Currie

— Three officers with the Craig Police Department received certificates and commendations from Chief Walt Vanatta Thursday for catching two alleged burglars in the act Sept. 19.

Josh Johnson, Storm Fallon and Doug Kaiser were all part of a team that ended in the arrest of Joshua Driver, 18, and Edward Martinson, 19, suspects in a recent rash of burglaries to several downtown businesses.

Johnson was on foot patrol the night of the burglaries and heard unusual noises. He traced the sounds to the back of Hutton’s Communications where he saw Driver and Martinson allegedly breaking through the back door of the building. Johnson called for back-up. When officers Kaiser and Fallon arrived on the scene, they caught the two suspects as they were leaving the building.

“Josh was given the award because his actions demonstrated his commitment to department values, outstanding performance and dedication to duty that were the direct result of him doing foot patrol in the business district and observing the two males doing the burglary in progress,” Vanatta said.

According to Vanatta, several other burglary cases may be solved as a result of Johnson’s vigilance and Fallon’s and Kaiser’s arrest.

“We’ve got physical evidence and statements that show a potential link between one of the males arrested and several other burglaries that occurred earlier in the summer,” he said.

Fallon and Kaiser were given certificates for the teamwork they demonstrated in capturing the burglars.

Johnson’s actions were exceptional because when he heard unusual noises, he pursued them to find out what was going on, Vanatta said. Once he observed the subjects, he maintained a position of cover, stayed exceptionally calm and, through his professionalism, allowed the Police Department to catch them in an act of burglary versus walking up and yelling at them and scaring them off, Vanatta said.