Officer gets away with ‘accident’ |

Officer gets away with ‘accident’

To the Editor

To the Editor,
In regards to the Nov. 9 edition of the Daily Press, how did (police officer) Kaiser attempt to contact Mr. Durrant? Run up to him and grab him, or run up and scare him verbally? Something happened in order for Durrant to be uncooperative. Maybe Kaiser had been using excessive force during the previous arrest and had Durrant running scared.
It sounds like Kaiser had a bad attitude toward Durrant to start with. Then the article goes on to state that Kaiser didn’t have time to sit back and think about the situation. Well, no he didn’t, because it sounds as if he had already lost control of the situation and himself as well. And by that time he was angry at himself and all that was involved and then he swung out his fist and hit the closest one to him. That’s what all of this sounds like to me. The man has got a problem with his temper, and when pressured, he doesn’t know how to react, other than force.
So it comes down to him resigning from Craig with at least one commendation and moving to another state to become a police officer and allowing him to do it all over again to someone else. (Let’s hope not.)
What I mean, citizens, is how can you accidentally hit someone in the face? If it was an accident (like claimed), then Kaiser had to be trying to hit someone else standing there and accidentally struck Lyndsey.
All in all it sounds like the police department and district attorney are saying, “Hey, Lyndsey Wolschon is out-of-state so we can just write this accident off. Give the officer a commendation down the line, ask him to resign and away he goes to another state where there’s probably no mention of this incident in his records and he’s got a commendation, and according to his previous employer, he’s a good officer.”
Oh well, that’s Craig, Colo., for you.
Stanley J. Wolschon,