Northwest Colorado Arts Council Board officers: Group willing to help document local art |

Northwest Colorado Arts Council Board officers: Group willing to help document local art

In response to the May 25 Craig Press editorial titled “Treasure our treasures,” we were disheartened to learn of the disposal of two metal sculptures created by the late local artist Bernie Rose at the KOA Campground. We know many in the community share the same sentiment.

We would like to inform the community that the Northwest Colorado Arts Council members and board officers are taking notice of such events and what is being written about them in our local newspaper, especially when it concerns the arts. We were under the impression that someone at the city of Craig was in charge of placement and documentation of all public art in the city. We have recently learned this may not be the case.

The Northwest Colorado Arts Council will be initiating a public arts program in the near future. As part of this initiative, we will be documenting all public art that is associated with this program. If the community wishes, we would gladly document all past public art pieces in the city of Craig, as well as Moffat County. It should be noted that, in order for this to occur, we would need public support for the project and funds for the plaques.

Lastly, we personally would encourage the community to accept the Hodnefield’s apology. To help make amends, the Northwest Colorado Arts Council would like to invite the Hodnefields to our Art and Appetizer event from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday, June 4 in Room 175 at Colorado Northwestern Community College. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. The council is offering the opportunity for the community and local artists to socialize with each other and for the community to learn what the Arts Council is all about.

Northwest Colorado Arts Council board officers

Solomon Herrera, Melanie Kilpatrick and Christopher Skowronski