Non-resident facts not accurate |

Non-resident facts not accurate

To the Editor:

In a previous letter to the editor, California resident Jeff Taylor lambasted both the county commissioners and NC Telecom with a series of half-truths and spin.

We are disappointed that the Craig Daily Press continues to lend credence to and publish Mr. Taylor’s skewed viewpoints on this issue in light of the fact that he has not been a county or state resident for some time. We must suspect that his position is at least partially based on his association with a wireless DSL competitor to NC Telecom.

It is a matter of public record that NCT’s fiber infrastructure build was not completed according to the original aggressive schedule, and that delays were experienced for a number of reasons, some beyond NCT’s control.

However, Mr. Taylor’s reference to bankruptcy is totally unfounded. NC Telecom is an integrated part of a well-established rural telecommunications company that has been in business in this region for well over 50 years. NC Telecom is very well capitalized and neither NCT nor its parent company is in any financial difficulty.

Mr. Taylor’s letter suggests that the decisions by the state and county to participate in the building of a fiber backbone were misguided.

We disagree with this position strictly on a technology basis. Inexpensive wireless Internet is a good technology, but it certainly isn’t the solution of choice when it comes to connectivity at the county or state level. Terrestrial copper and fiber links are the broadband connectivity of choice for anything but local residential and small business needs, primarily because of the enhanced security, reliability, speed and redundancy.

Without a linked fiber network, the Western Slope would fall farther behind every year in the operation of our county agencies, schools, hospitals, libraries and institutions of higher education. It is indeed fortunate that your county commissioners had the foresight several years ago, when funds were not as scarce as they are today, to invest in the technology to allow Moffat County to join the state-sponsored Colorado High Speed Digital Network. Had they not made that decision, it seems clear that the current financial climate would have kept the county in the telecommunications dark ages for the foreseeable future.

Rick Heming

NC Telecom Operations Manager

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