No one like ewe: All ages present at Moffat County Fair sheep show |

No one like ewe: All ages present at Moffat County Fair sheep show

CRAIG — Forgive the bad puns, but competitors weren’t feeling baa-shful nor sheepish as spectators flocked to the livestock barn Wednesday afternoon for the sheep show of the 100th Moffat County Fair.

Moffat County 4-H competitors showed their prowess with their once wooly livestock — shorn for the warmer months — in showmanship and market classes, among other categories throughout the day.

Many months of keeping their animals fit and ready for inspection paid off for fair youths as judges awarded the most physically superior animals in the market rounds as well as their handlers for their know-how and poise in the showmanship categories, some rambunctious entrants making it tougher in some instances.

With sheep in each contest — named Jump and Twist — Sydnie Harding said she preferred the market part, though she was still happy with how she presented in showmanship. The key is knowing how to take control, she said.

“You’ve got to hold onto them really closely,” she said.

While Harding has eight years of work with animals under her belt, some much less experienced competitors also hit the arena as part of the pee-wee division, with entrants as young as 18 months leading sheep in preparation for later in life.

Likewise, the Old Geezer Show allowed parents and past fair contestants to show the kids how it was done.

Wrapping up the day was the breeding classes, with Dustin McLaughlin walking away the grand champion for his ewe, Nellie, which he will likely be able to enter into next year’s fair as well, given the different rules for the class.

“There was a lot of work that went into it, and to see this kind of outcome, I’m really ecstatic about it,” he said.


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