NIE 20 Mile Intro |

NIE 20 Mile Intro

Darian Warden

The newspapers in education program, a collaboration between the Craig Daily Press and Moffat County School District, introduces elementary students in first through fifth grade to journalism.

Each year a new topic is chosen and students attend four field trips throughout the year to explore that topic, and write an article after attending.

During the last field trip, students go to Steamboat Springs to see their articles printed in the paper.

This year’s subject is utilities, the work behind flipping a light switch or turning a faucet and receiving electricity or water.

The first trip students from Sandrock, Sunset, East and Ridgeview made a trip to 20 Mile Coal Company.

There students learned the process of mining coal and how it’s used to create energy.

With hands on experiences, games and presentations, students learned how employees at the mine work safely and efficiently to excavate coal and turn it into energy.

Students had a blast learning about the mine and watching demonstrations on how it became electricity they use everyday.

The next field trip is to the water treatment plant, so be expecting some top-notch articles on how Craig’s water gets cleaned and sanitized so it’s ready to drink.

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