Nick Rubley: Draining Elkhead |

Nick Rubley: Draining Elkhead

To the editor:

I would like to commend and thank the CPW for opening up to the public. I hope they listened to some of the logic I heard in the room. I also would like to thank the Craig Daily Press for the article the very next day.

There were a couple of very important pieces of information contained in the article.

■ Shocking the river is hurting their own cause. This is important because they are killing the very fish they are trying to save.

■ The last paragraph plainly states eradication of the non-native fish in the reservoir. All the fish in the reservoir worth fishing for are non-native.

That being said, let me share a piece of information that you did not read in the article.

I only talked to one person at the meeting. He is the aquatic fish biologist. I asked him if young Pikeminnows only go downstream after they are born. He said yes. I also asked if only adult fish come upstream out of Yampa Bench Canton. He said yes. Even though I said this in my first letter to the editor, it needs to be said again. Small mouths living upstream of the Dinosaur National Monument have never seen a Pikeminnow to eat. I then asked if they had more pikeminnows than when they started, and this is the crux of the whole thing, he said they could no longer find any pikeminnows in the Yampa, adult or otherwise. I hope the people who are funding this project maybe will realize this is a lost cause and pull the plug on the money; more than $100 million at least so far, according to the biologist I spoke with.

One little final note: The guy I talked with did not want to talk about the river otters. When I brought it up, he quickly changed the subject.

Nick Rubley


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