New leadership for Moffat County Board of County Commissioners |

New leadership for Moffat County Board of County Commissioners

Moffat County Commissioner Ray Beck, right, was elected by his fellow commissioners to chair the Moffat County Board of County Commmissioners in 2018. Commissioner Don Cook, center, was elected to serve as vice chair. Also pictured is Commissioner Frank Moe.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — New officers were elected during the Tuesday, Jan. 9, meeting of the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner Ray Beck was unanimously elected by his fellow commissioners as chair of the board, and Commissioner Don Cook was unanimously elected vice chair.

“I want to focus on policy, which is one of my fiduciary responsibilities. So, we are going to be focusing on adopting new policies going forward, and we are going to focus on new revenue sources,” Beck said. “We’ll be having a meeting with the museum board, library board, elected officials and community development groups looking for recommendations for what we can coalesce around and agree to, that would be in the best interest of Moffat County.”

The priority-based budgeting process and closing an $800,000 gap in revenue will also be on the board’s agenda.

Commissioners also appointed citizens to serve on the following county boards. The length of terms is indicated in parenthesis.

• Local Marketing District Board: Michael Morriss (2) and Rich Thompson (3).

• Hamilton Community Center: Butch McKune (3), Dorland Redman (3) and Kerry Kelly (3).

• Employee Health Insurance Board: Dan Davidson (3), Linda DeRose (3), Jerry Hoberg (3) and Alternate Cathy Nielson (3).

• Employee Retirement Board: Cathy Nielson (4).

• Land Use Board: Recreation Representative Bert Clements (3), Recreation Alternate Will Myers (3), Landowner Dean Gent (3), Agriculture Representative Joel Tuck (3), Agriculture Alternate T. Wright Dickinson (3), Business Representative Jean Stetson (3), Environment Representative Ken Bekkedahl (3), Environment Alternate Bob Grubb (3), Minerals and Mining and Representative Steve Hinkemeyer (3).

• Library Board: Jeff Hall (5).

• Maybell Volunteer Fire Department Advisory Board: Bill Baker (2).

• Moffat County Tourism Association Board: Tammie Thompson-Booker (3), Larry Hoover (3), Derek Cleaverly (3) and Shannon Moore (3).

• Museum of Northwest Colorado Board: Ina Faye Mach (3), Dorcas Albaugh (3), James Hasler (3) and James Buffham (3).

• County Planning and Zoning Commission: Rick Barns (3) and Alan Webber (3).

• Memorial Regional Health Board of Trustees: Forrest Luke (5).

“All of these people have my support. I’m going to back them up in every way that I can, listen and support them,” Commissioner Frank Moe said.

The following county-appointed board positions remain open: Two positions on the Council on Aging, alternate positions for the Hamilton Community Center and Museum Board, Planning and Zoning Commission and an alternate landowner representative for the Land Use Board.

In other business, the board approved a personnel requisition necessary to directly hire Tom Kleinschnitz as Moffat County Tourism Association executive director.

“In 2017, this position was budgeted as contract labor and was hired through Flint Personnel. MCTA will now be hiring the employee as a Moffat County employee (full-time with benefits),” according to the requisition.

The amount budgeted for 2018 for the position’s salary was $54,735. Benefits will bring the total cost of the position to $67,756. The difference of $13,021 will come from MCTA’s 2018 budget.

The board also approved measures to waive the bid process to allow the Moffat County assessor to hire a specialist independent contractor to provide technical support for oil and gas assessments.

“Due to timing and the need to get someone on board as soon as possible, I am requesting the BOCC to waive the bid process and allow me to engage with this individual as soon as a contractor working agreement can be put in place,” said Assessor Chuck Cobb.

Cobb said he did not believe an open process would result in more qualified candidates or a better rate for the county. The part-time position was approved in the 2018 budget.

Additionally, commissioners received reports from the Road and Bridge Department about work completed during the mild winter weather.

“The grader crew took advantage of the good weather to haul gravel from the Charcahalis Pit to Loudy Simpson Park and resurface the roads. They are also graveling on Thompson Hill,” said Manager Linda DeRose.

Finally, the board watched a video about economic development, creating change and performance measurement, presented by Moe.

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