New dropoff and driving lanes at Moffat County High School |

New dropoff and driving lanes at Moffat County High School

New lanes set to reduce conflict between buses and cars during peak time and improve safety

Sasha Nelson
New drop off lanes and a driving lane have been designated in the south side parking lot at Moffat County High School to increase safety by reducing conflicts between buses and cars.
Sasha Nelson

— When school starts on Aug. 29 drivers will need to adjust their driving habits at the high school. Two new dropoff lanes and a drive-through lane have been created in the south parking lot in order to increase safety by reducing conflict with buses and cars.

School buses and the Craig Police Department School Resource Officers’ cars are the only vehicles allowed on the road closest to the south entrance of the school during busy mornings and afternoons when school buses are dropping off and picking up students.

“Safety for our kids is number one at our high school,” said Moffat County High School Principal, Craig Crebar. “When I understood that cars were pulling into the bus lanes in the mornings and afternoons that was a safety hazard.”

Designating the road closest to the south entrance of the high school, and just north of the lower parking lot, for buses only is not new, according to Crebar. “We are just making it more apparent and decided to create a safe place to drop kids,” he said.

To make the change, existing space on the north of the lower parking lot was reconfigured.

“22 (parking) spaces were removed to create two drop lanes and one through lane. Dropoff lanes are wider to allow doors to be opened and students to get out safely. We also added a walk lane on the north drop lane allowing kids to walk safely along the berm towards the stairs,” said Moffat County School District Director of Maintenance, Mike Taylor.

Entry to both north and south parking lots continues to be from Finely Lane. Staff and student permit holders will still be able to drive to the top of Finley Lane to enter the north parking lot.

All drivers may exit both parking lots using the road that travels past the grandstands on the west side of the school. Drivers entering the south parking lot have the option of exiting either via the road along the grandstands or Finely Lane; however, drivers wanting to loop back to exit on Finely Lane should use the drive lane on the very south side of the parking lot by following the directional arrows and signs to the exit.

To aid drivers navigate the changed conditions new signs have been installed; lanes and lane instructions have been freshly painted.

“We will have people at the entrance at the start of the school year to help people get used to the new lanes,” Crebar said.

Lonnie Douglas, director of transportation for the school district, noted that in addition to safety, keeping cars out of the bus lane helps to keep traffic flowing and everyone on time.

“We had cars trying to race the buses. It’s really important that we maintain a good flow and for the safety of the kids. I’d like the public to know that it might take time to get used to this, but it will be better for everyone,” he said.

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