Never stop looking for your miracle |

Never stop looking for your miracle

Pastor Linda Taylor, Maybell Community Bible Church

Miracles happen, Pastor Linda Taylor, of Maybell Community Bible Church, writes in this week’s religion column. She cites her friend, Shawn, fourth from the left in a white hoodie, as an example. The prayers of Shawn and his family were answered, Taylor writes, when his wish to meet TV and film star Chuck Norris came true. Shawn is also now leukemia free, which Taylor also credits to prayer.

With the many hardships happening around us, I thought it would be nice to share a story about Shawn, a 16-year-old young man who was diagnosed with leukemia, and his miracle.

I pray it will bless you and allow you to see there are still miracles happening today.

This occurred during my ministry in Arizona.

With excitement in the air, it was time to load our suitcase into the limousine and head to the airport. Shawn, Maggie, Chris and myself were about to experience how God answers prayer.

Shawn looked at me, and with joy in his voice said, “Sister Linda, miracles do happen.”

“Yes they do, Shawn,” I replied, knowing all things are possible with God.

But, perhaps it’s better if we go back to the beginning.

As I walked into the hospital room, it seemed so quiet, and I felt a silent darkness about the room.

Lying in this dim room, I could almost see the figure of a 16-year-old young man. He looked so weak and frail.

I stood there trying to hold back tears, asking myself how much longer he was going to be with us.

I believed God was in total control, and His will would be done.

I knew God could answer our prayers, that He would heal Shawn from the leukemia that had violently attacked his body.

As I stood beside Shawn’s hospital bed, I struggled to remember when I had last seen him smile. His smile seemed to light up the whole room, usually followed by laughter.

Instead, from a frail voice I heard, “Sister Linda.”

“Hi Shawn,” I replied, trying to hide my concern as best I could.

My mind was racing with thoughts of something to say that would take Shawn’s mind away from the pain and discomfort I knew he must be feeling.

Knowing that he spent some of his time watching television and movies, I asked Shawn who his favorite star was.

Without any hesitation, as if I should have known, Shawn said it was Chuck Norris, or “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Shawn started telling me all about the movies he had seen. I believe Shawn has seen them all.

After leaving the hospital, I began to pray, asking God to help me bring Shawn’s desire to meet Chuck Norris come true.

It was then that my thoughts turned to the idea of writing to Mr. Norris, wondering whether he would consider calling or visiting Shawn. So, I wrote a letter and waited.

At first, I didn’t tell Shawn about the letter. Then his health worsened.

I decided to mention it to him. It was from that day on that Shawn watched for a reply.

During one of my visits to the hospital, I joined the family in prayer for Shawn.

While praying, the telephone began to ring. This became an annoyance to me, for I felt it was more important to pray than to talk on the phone. I picked up the receiver and laid it to the side.

When we had finished praying, Shawn watched me put the receiver back on the hook. With all seriousness, he replied, “That could have been Chuck.”

All eyes were upon me, and I quickly replied, “He will call back.” (I prayed under my breath.)

Days and then weeks went by and there was still no reply.

I began to wonder if I made a mistake.

But, not ready to give up, I went to our local news station, telling them of my dilemma, asking if they would help me. They told me to contact the Make a Wish Foundation, and within a week Shawn was making plans to visit his hero, Chuck Norris.

Consulting with the doctors to see if Shawn could make the trip — he was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant — some problems needed to be resolved before the transplant could take place. So, the doctor agreed to allow Shawn to go on the trip. The transplant was set to take place the day after we got back.

It has been 10 years since our trip to Texas, and I am very happy to report that God answered both of our prayers: Shawn got to meet Chuck Norris and he has been healed.

The doctor reported that Shawn is free of leukemia. As I sat at his high school graduation, I praised God for the miracle He has given Shawn and his family.

There’s a miracle waiting for you, just ask God.

Never stop looking for your miracle: it’s there, just believe.

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