Nerdporium satisfies city’s nerd needs |

Nerdporium satisfies city’s nerd needs

Patrick Kelly

For all your nerd needs — from comic books to action figures — there is the newly opened Hadley's Hope Nerdporium.

Owner Shaun Hadley said he started the business as way to sell merchandise at the conventions he visited with his girlfriend, and it has recently taken the form of an online store.

From its Facebook page, the Nerdporium offers "all the stuff that I would personally consider nerdy," Hadley said.

A proper website is under construction and Hadley said if he could find a reasonable location he might like to move into a brick and mortar store one day.

"If we could find a decent location I'd love to have a physical retail location as well," he said.

The store offers comics, action figures Funko Pop! figurines, trading cards and other items related to nerd culture.

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Hadley said the business had done well at conventions and it was always a good way to fund the trip so he decided to expand onto a website. He runs the site from home and keeps inventory in his garage.

"I figured the best way to continue doing it would be to establish a separate business," he said.

Hadley also owns Craig Apothecary and said the Nerdporium is more of a side project based on his passion for all things nerdy.

"You can't get a comic book within a hundred miles of that place," he said.

His girlfriend, Laura Horsman, helps him run the business and said she has a blast doing so.

"The experience has just been fantastic," she said. "I feel like it has opened a lot of doors for us."

To Hadley, being a nerd is not being afraid to enjoy the things you do, even if they seem trivial to others.

"Anything that you grew up loving," he said. "You played with your Star Wars figure when you're 7, and you still have it when you're 30. You're a nerd and that's OK."

To satisfy your nerd needs you can shop the Nerdporium at