Neil Folks: Hats off to Young Pros |

Neil Folks: Hats off to Young Pros

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

Hats off to the Young Professionals of our community for stepping forth and letting the community know you are present. Your presentation of breaking bread together and program at the first Friday Fest in Downtown Craig was great. It is a nice introduction to who you are and will become, hopefully. It’s nice to know that there is a generation that can still dream, that there are young visionary packages who are willing to stray beyond the old status quo, who are looking beyond the same old same old and are not going to be afraid of change. Change and death are the two guaranteed constants in life. We can let change run over us or we can pitch in and direct the change.

There have been a lot of young people passing through our high school, wondering what they wanted to be and what they wanted to do with their lives. Hopefully we older, retiring generation are willing to step out of the way and let you taste and practice new ways of doing business in Craigville. Yes, you’ll make a few mistakes here and there, but that is part of new growth. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure teaches us more than all the successes in life do. Stop, look, analyze, and learn from your mistakes. Be willing to risk, just living is a risk. Craigville has set on security and consistency too long. It is the nature of a human to strive and work to achieve consistency because in consistency there is security. There is no such thing as security. But what we do not realize is no new growth creates stagnancy, a slow death so-to-speak of a community. We prefer to keep the devil we know around over the one we don’t know. Yes, the older we become, the more we hate change when it’s first presented.

Presenting new ideas for consideration may possibly make you a target of ridicule and criticism, but you have got to be willing to take the risk. It’s our future in this community that’s at stake. Be willing to step outside the existing framework into the bigger picture — let your passion lead you. Your children and my grandchildren will be better for it.

So in closing, my advice to the community is a quote from 13 Ways To Kill Your Community, “Why not give something new a shot, especially since the tried and true ideas haven’t succeeded yet?”

God Bless each of you.

Neil FolksNeil Folks

Neil Folks

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