Nearly 15 vehicles broken into during the weekend in Craig |

Nearly 15 vehicles broken into during the weekend in Craig

Guns were stolen out of unlocked cars

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

About 15 vehicles were broken into during the weekend and some guns were stolen, prompting Craig Police Department to remind residents to lock their cars.

“During a rash of recent incidents, cars were entered and items stolen, but the trend continues where many cars were unlocked,” stated a news release from the police department. “Regardless, locked or unlocked, it is poor practice to leave valuables in vehicles that draw the attention of thoughtless criminals looking to steal those item.”

On Sunday, officers responded to a report of a theft from an unlocked vehicle in the 500 block of Steele Street in Craig. Additional reports from the Craig Police Department also highlight that numerous thefts from vehicles happened on Sunday in the 300 block of Birch Street.

“We’re trying to develop some persons of interest on it and see what we can do,” said Detective John Forgay, noting that he’s shocked people leave guns in unlocked vehicles. “The last thing we want is more guns on the streets.”

Over the weekend, there were several instances where guns were left in the vehicles and stolen, stated the news release.

“This places those weapons into the hands of subjects who have shown by their actions that they are criminals. Locking your vehicle is a common sense practice, but more important is not leaving valuable items in your car or truck, especially weapons,” stated the news release.

If you are aware of any theft from vehicles, contact the police department at 970-826-2360.


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