Natural resources Department worth county’s investment |

Natural resources Department worth county’s investment

To the Editor:

Lately a great deal of baseless criticism has been directed towards the newly formed county departments.

In support of the Natural Resources Department, I would like to point out that the department has been directly responsible for the solicitation of well over $350,000 in matching fund grants. The procurement of these funds by this department has enabled the county to complete projects that otherwise would have been completely funded by the taxpayers of Moffat County a direct monetary benefit to the taxpayers of Moffat County.

The Natural Resources Department helped prevent the Browns Park Wild Life Refuge from expanding through Presidential Executive Order, maintains opposition to the expansion of Dinosaur National Monument, and continues to combat the Vermilion Basin Monument designation. Re-designation and expansion of the aforementioned lands would have a direct negative impact upon the taxpayers of Moffat County through the loss of revenues from Federal Land uses.

The Natural Resources Department also opposes the re-designation of public lands by outside interests because it would negatively impact other tax revenue sources as well, such as mining, oil exploration and power generation. These industries directly depend on the use of federal lands. Loss of that access would directly affect their production a major source of Moffat County tax revenue.

And last but not least it is important to note that the Natural Resources Department.

Created one of the best fire plans in the Western United States a plan that the federal government encourages other Western United States counties to use as an example.

Works with the Dinosaur National Monument Livestock Grazing Plan to protect Moffat County landowner’s rights.

Was there making sure that Moffat County citizen’s water rights were not sacrificed when the state of Colorado wanted to upgrade the county’s 208 Water Plan.

Protected recreational hunter and private property rights by serving on the committee to establish a protocol when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service introduced black footed ferrets into Moffat County.

Engages all endangered species issues to insure that the rights of all Moffat County citizens are protected.

Is currently working to insure that all rights-of-way protected under the Federal Revised Statute 2477 from the Mining Act of 1866 remain open to the public.

Is engaged in a pilot program to insure that the citizens of Moffat County have greater involvement in federal land management.

The present Moffat County Board of Commissioners wisely considers the pros and cons of each situation and only acts if a need is determined. I would encourage interested parties to take the time to get to know our commissioners and their decision-making process. I think you will find a board that truly cares about the welfare of Moffat County and acts accordingly.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion. I solicit your support.

Burt Clements,


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