Nate Waggenspack: Taking their lumps in stride |

Nate Waggenspack: Taking their lumps in stride

Nate Waggenspack

It hasn’t been a friendly fall for most of the Moffat County sports.

There have been more than a few mercy rules and quick games since the sports seasons began at the end of August. While winning isn’t necessary for having fun in sports, it doesn’t hurt. And when the losses are piling up, it can be easy to get down.

I haven’t seen that happen so far in Craig.

Members of the volleyball team are still doing all their goofy handshakes and high fives at the beginning of every set. The football players are still giving each other a hard time in the way teammates do at practice. Everybody is still playing hard when the next game comes around.

Thursday night at the volleyball game against Coal Ridge, I spoke with Allie Ehlers afterward because she had been an athlete there before coming to Craig. She was talking and laughing with her former teammates throughout the game.

Moffat County couldn’t hang with Coal Ridge that night and lost in three sets. As was the case in many of their losses this season, the Bulldogs played even with their opponent for stretches of the match, but couldn’t consistently bring that level of play to the table.

I asked Ehlers if it bothered her to lose to her old teammates, and she said it didn’t bother any more than losing in general, because she knows they’re good (she’s right — Coal Ridge is 11-1 this season).

So there was Ehlers as her team was getting beaten for the second time this season by the Titans, but not letting it affect her. When she was up at the net, she was chatting with current and former teammates between points. Others were also engaged in the game, but enjoying the strange bounces and other things that can happen in a volleyball game.

Sure, they wanted to win, but it’s not the end-all.

So it’s been for Moffat County this fall. A lot of losses (so far) in the team sports, and a lot of athletes just getting back to work in between those losses and enjoying what they can out of getting to play sports with their friends for their high school.

Because that’s what sports is about: enjoying the ride, win or lose.

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