Nate Waggenspack: Broaden your horizons with Moffat County sports |

Nate Waggenspack: Broaden your horizons with Moffat County sports

Nate Waggenspack
Nathan Waggenspack

— Growing up, I couldn’t get enough of the sports scene. I tried everything I could, loved most of it and was miserably, embarrassingly awful at the rest.

But even though I couldn’t and still can’t swing a baseball bat or a golf club to save my life, I find the sports extremely fun to play and watch. I think, more than anything else, this is because through playing them, I came to understand them.

That understanding led to my ability to enjoy them on TV. Similar to watching a TV drama, if we can follow what we’re watching, it’s going to enhance the experience. If I turn on an episode of “The Sopranos,” I’m probably just going to turn it off after a couple of minutes because references will be made to things I don’t know about by characters I don’t know.

In the same vein, checking out a sport in which you don’t know the rules is a mind-numbing experience. You find yourself thinking things like, “So, which line is inbounds?” “What does that number mean?” “What on Earth is a ‘deuce’?” and perhaps most often, “What just happened?”

Yup, it can be exhausting. But I want to encourage everyone to check out a sport you aren’t a big fan of (yet) this fall.

I know many of you sports fans are big on football and wrestling, so for you, that means head to a few Moffat County volleyball or soccer games. Watch the games, cheer for the Bulldogs, pick up the rules, speak with some of the people who seem like they know what’s going on. If you’re desperate, come find me.

All these kids have worked hard. I’ve seen them throughout the summer, and especially during the past couple weeks, and there is talent on every team.

I can guarantee you that in the same way a fourth-and-3 play in football is intense and nerve-wracking, a volleyball match that finds two teams tied 22-22 in the fourth set is just as exciting.

Come to the games and figure out how they work. Learn to appreciate a great pass versus one that’s not so productive in volleyball, or find out what goes in to the buildup for scoring a goal in soccer. There’s a reason not many are scored, and that’s because it’s extremely hard to do.

I promise, even if you don’t start watching college volleyball on the Big 12 Network or keeping track of the Major League Soccer standings religiously, you’ll appreciate and enjoy what you’re seeing in Craig, and you’ll be contributing to a great cause for students in the area just with your presence.

And if you’re not a football fan yet, get out there on Friday nights at the Bulldog Proving Grounds. It’s not the most popular sport in America for no reason. There is no team sport that is more reliant on the entire team every play. When everything comes together in football, it is absolutely beautiful to watch.

High school sports start in a week. When Moffat County teams are playing at the high school or Loudy-Simpson, I hope to see you there.

Can you tell Nate Waggenspack is ready to watch some games? He can be reached at 970-875-1795 or

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