Natasha Chapman: First vote, and vote ‘yes’ on 3A |

Natasha Chapman: First vote, and vote ‘yes’ on 3A

— As a senior at Moffat County High School and a newly registered voter, I am excited about the opportunity and privilege that I have to join the rest of my family in shaping the future of Craig, Moffat County, Colorado and the United States of America.

I have grown up in Craig and seen many of the changes that this community has gone through. I believe that the proposed improvements to the schools should be our next priority in enhancing the lives of the citizens of Craig and Moffat County.

As many of you know, my grandfather and father have been leaders in our community and have strongly supported the prospects of what this election holds.

As a young adult, I can see the importance of having quality facilities and proper equipment that aid in the education process.

By voting “yes” on 3A, you will be supporting your children today and my children in the future.

Natasha Chapman