Nancy Sadvar: Reconsider the no food, drinks in gym policy |

Nancy Sadvar: Reconsider the no food, drinks in gym policy

To the editor:

What is going on with the high school administrators? Some of the choices they make seem ridiculous.

The latest battle they are waging is that no one is allowed in the gym with food or drinks. The reason behind this, evidently, is that the maintenance department just had to clean the bleachers, and it was nasty and expensive to do.


We travel to different high schools regularly for our kids’ sporting events and not one other school enforces this rule.

The reason?

It’s ridiculous, like I said. No. 1, different student groups often man the concession stand for fundraising attempts; what is that going to do to them? I can hear it now: “That’ll be $1, course you’ll need to chug it because you can’t take it inside the gym.” “Hmm, I think I’ll just go get something decent to eat if I’m going to miss the action, anyway.” Sorry kids, you lose.

Secondly, in this day and age, all the drinks have screw-top lids, and so maybe we lose a few Skittles that fall below, but please, we’re sitting in there for hours. … We need that bag of Skittles. … It’s usually dinner.

Seriously though, we parents pay quite a bit for our kids to be involved, we pay to attend the events, we travel to cheer them on, we decorate to celebrate with them, we all have bad backs from sitting on bleachers for hours. … But no. No food or even water for us. I say clean the bleachers on a regular basis so that it doesn’t pile up and get gross – it’s our tax dollars anyway.

Please reconsider the gym policy – we’re thirsty.

Nancy Sadvar