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N. Tony Peroulis: Vote for me

N. Tony Peroulis


One thing is for sure come Tuesday, there definitely is going to be change in the Moffat County School District. I think change is a good thing and absolutely is necessary from time to time to get new perspective on how things get accomplished. I also think that you, the taxpayer and voter, need to know how I stand as a candidate so you can cast your vote accordingly. I think that as a community we need to get more involved in the education of our most valuable asset — our kids. We need to expect more from every parent, every teacher, every administrator, every coach, every business leader, every community member and, last and most important, every student. There is only one way to make this happen, and that is to raise the standards, expect more from all involved and hold everyone involved accountable for the results we get. If the results aren’t what we expect, then once again, change will be necessary. The only way to get better results is to expect higher achievement. Our society has become a pink ribbon society where apathy and mediocrity have become way too abundant as an accepted way to continue.
Our new board will deal with issues right away as to how we set course for the future. We will hire a new superintendant and deal with the ongoing monetary crisis that all districts deal with. I am not an advocate for Amendment 66; what I will do is, no matter what the outcome is, take my role as a board member to be fiscally responsible and make sure we maximize the way we spend your money. I am a parent of two high school kids, and I hold them accountable to the highest of standards. I will hold myself to these same standards and never quit striving for better results. We need to make sure that all our kids know that they can compete at the next level in their life. To do that, they have to have instilled in them that they are winners. When they become confident in themselves, then all results will skyrocket. I will be a representative for you, the voter; this is not about what I think but what we think. I am not, nor ever have been, employed by the Moffat County School District, and I think that you need to look outside for a new perspective to raise the level of our district. The status quo will not work any longer. I would appreciate your support. Thanks.

N. Tony Peroulis



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