My Life, My WordS: The need for all to ‘come together’ |

My Life, My WordS: The need for all to ‘come together’

Tom Cramer takes a break from his workday at his business, Cramer Flooring, in the days leading up to Christmas. Cramer, 46, said his favorite part of the holiday season has been getting the chance to do some good for fellow community members.
Bridget Manley

“I was born in Puyallup, Wash. I actually didn’t know whether I was born there or in Ellensburg until I had to go get my Social Security card again, and I found out it was Puyallup.

“I came (to Craig) in 1979 when my folks got a job on a ranch.

“I think God calls us here to serve, and we need to get out of ourselves. Our communities need to come together and quit being so individual and start being more collective.

“I started laying carpet in the 10th grade in high school with a buddy of mine. His dad owned the carpet store here in Craig.

“I think it’s our customer service, helping people. It’s more than just selling carpet. We actually help people make their house a nicer place to be.

“My salvation. It’s not really a Christmas present, but it’s God’s gift to us.

“A lot of people know my story as a recovering meth addict, so I’d say getting clean for my family and learning to be a husband, father and community member.

“My wife and I have done some things anonymously for people (for Christmas), which has been kind of cool. Just the fact that we’ve been blessed with a lot of business has allowed us to do that.

“Alaska. I’d want to see it all. I’m just outdoorsy, so that’s why I’d want to go there. It’s always been a dream of mine to go and build a cabin there and live there.

“As far as books, I like anything by John Grisham. The Bible is a good one for me, although I don’t read it near enough. There’s a movie, a documentary, I like called ‘Alone in the Wilderness’ about a guy in Alaska.

“My wife and I have talked about (what we would do with unlimited money). For our church, we’d pay off the building and probably donate a lot of the money. That’s what I wish people would think about during Christmas instead of all the materialism. It’s about Christ and we can’t even say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other, which just makes me sad.

“Because of my past addictions, God uses that for me to help others going through that.

“Happily married. Just celebrated eight years clean. That’s about it.”

— Interview by Andy Bockelman, For M2

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